// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - How it works

Please decide for one of our mentors first. Here, please consider the topic you want to discuss, and make sure you know which questions you want to have answered or which problem you strive to solve:

Do you need a deep dive with a professional from your own function? - Great! Then, please find a mentor similar to your own profession. Still, we encourage you to listen to different view points and follow a more diverse approach (where possible) by also speaking to people who you think would counter-argue or provide you with an opinion which is far from what is going on in your mind and likeminded people. Why not e.g. speak to tech about a design or a human resource specialist about a claim or marketing concept?

Just choose the person you want to talk to, schedule a session and enjoy the opportunity. Of course you are free to choose anyone you think might be able to help you. Once you found your mentor, go ahead and schedule a mentoring session with them by clicking on the free slots on their profile pages. We are using calendly for scheduling the sessions. All further processes like hangout link, meeting reminder etc. is sent afterwards. Pls make sure you answer the questions posed during scheduling your session. This allows your mentor to mentally prepare for the session.

In the session

We keep introductions short and come back to them, when needed. Since time is limited, we want to spend as much time mentoring you as possible!


should you not be able to join the mentoring session, pls make sure you cancel 24h in advance, or as soon as you know it. This allows others to take your slot and get one step further in their challenge.

After the session

We are happy if you are happy. More than anything else, we want to let every session count and don't waste time! We strongly encourage you to give us feedback on what you liked and what we could improve. Only, if we constantly evolve, our Mentoring Club will be successful!

And finally

please spread the word on your social networks and let more people know what we have to offer!