Why joining us as a Mentor?

The Mentoring Club is for individuals, who either seek to pay forward what their mentors gave them and for those who have the intrinsic motivation to give to others. Our mentors share, support and help with no strings attached.

Please be aware that we carefully review all profiles. We might reject your profile for several reasons (e.g. years of experience).

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This is a non-profit, non-commercial project. Any mentor who is listed on this webpage offers his/her time voluntarily and without any compensation from „The Mentoring Club“ or the individuals booking and taking a session (called: „mentees“). Similarly, individuals who book a session with a mentor do not have any commercial relationship with the mentor or "The Mentoring Club". All interaction(s) between a mentor and a mentee is (are) mutually accepted between those two parties by offering (mentor) and booking (mentee) a mentoring session. There is no legal obligation for neither the mentor nor "The Mentoring Club" and its founders that can be inferred by any interaction that takes place between mentors and mentees. The extend to which mentees act on the suggestions made by mentors is fully on them, there is no reliability or accountability for what happens after a mentoring session by any of the mentors participating in the Mentoring Club.

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