About me

A Product Manager with entrepreneurial and analytical background. I took several startups from idea to profitability.

First of my startups, Argetur, a remarketing platform for e-commerce – turned out a big success, growing to 1.1bn impressions per month and 25 employees.

I then co-founded Cashbe, a cashback service. I led the product from the idea to MVP to growth, growing it to $4M/year GMV and 100k members

And that's where I realized that it's actually the PM part of the CEO job that I love most: I like listening to customers, understanding what the underlying issue is, and how it can be solved to make their lives better.

I then moved to GoCardless, a 400-people London fintech startup, where I work as a PM leading a team of 7 engineers.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management
  • Career Advice
  • Leadership
  • Startups