About me

The second half of my previous life so far was characterized by constant change and living on three continents - Europe, Africa and the USA. Since my youth digital transformation was my constant companion. Lifelong learning and learning-by-doing are essential components of my own development and drive. My path in life led me from banking in Germany and abroad over several years as a freelance relocater to HR and currently further to digital transformation, agile frameworks and New Work.

From my experience of moving internationally and living abroad and many years of professional experience as a relocater in the field of top executive management, I can draw on a wealth of knowledge regarding regulations, dos and don'ts, cultural training and a variety of different aspects of expat life. In addition I can motivate people to take a step out of their comfort zone and into this wonderful wide world.

Mentoring Topics

  • global mobility
  • relocation topics
  • change management on a private / personal basis
Timezone: Europe/Berlin