About me

I'm Arne.

I will help you to manage and lead easier.

My aproach is shortly descibed as "big things first, small things later", so it's all about get things moving.

Since 13 years I'm gaining experience especially within the following areas:

- project and task-force management

- managing of organisational units

- leading in complex situations with and without disciplinary resposibility and between different hirarchies

- target focussed idea generation

- target focussed use of consultants and coaches

- consulting, coaching and mentoring

See my mentoring topics below and don't hesitate to book a session regarding these.

See you there.

Mentoring Topics

  • pragmatic project and task-force management,
  • establish and optimize a project organisation,
  • manage an organisation focussing on targets and needs,
  • target driven idea review,
  • systematic self reflection,
  • effective and efficient use of consultants and coaches
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin