About me

Hey, Charles, from France. I spent my early career working as an engineer and developer in the oil, finance and ad-tech industries until I decided it was time to work on something more meaningful.

I co-founded Recare 4 years ago. It's a platform that helps hospitals coordinate with other healthcare facilities when patients need to be transferred somewhere else. We're a team of 45 right now, and work with several hundreds hospitals and insurances across France and Germany. That let me to learn a bunch of jobs along the way - Product, BI, IT Security, Cryptography, Devops to name a few - and to decide on topics I had absolutely no clue about.

I have acquired a fairly broad culture on most subjects you would encounter when working or building a startup and would be glad to discuss any product/tech related topic with you, as I believe that we all encounter the same problems at different times :)

I also worked for 5 years as a Software Engineer in a large tech organisation (600 devs) building high-load systems (1M requests / sec) so I can also help on that as well.

Mentoring Topics

  • Early stages of a startup
  • What it takes to succeed in healthcare
  • Growing a dev team
  • Technical design of a startup
  • Building technical systems under lots of load
  • Product decision-making when you don't have a clue,
  • Moving from small-sized to middle-sized startup
  • Driving change in large organisations
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin