About me

Devika is a Senior Internal Auditor with Colgate Palmolive wherein she gets an opportunity to work with a mutli-ethnic team and travel to the global subsidiaries of the Fortune 500 company. She has ~ 7 years of experience across public accounting, commercial finance and internal controls and compliance across CP and Ernst & Young.

Outside of work, Devika engages in voluntary engagements to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. She has initiated a mentorship program in her organisation wherein employees volunteer time to mentor children from marginalised communities. She also serves as mentor in local communities in Mumbai wherein she tutors children on the weekends. She is an avid reader, enjoys cooking and running.

Mentoring Topics

  • Public Accounting & Internal Controls
  • Role of Finance in FMCG Industry
  • Personal Development
  • Career Navigation
  • Stake-holder management and communication (in context of working with a cross cultural/global team)