I have been working for over 8 years within the Digital Marketing field, starting with Social Media Management and followed by a stronger focus on Media Buying later on. I have experience in operationalizing campaigns on all Paid Social Channels, Google Ads (Search, Display, YouTube) and Native Ads, with a specialized focus on Social Media Advertising. I am leading teams for over three years and presently as a Unit Director, managing three Team Leads and overlooking nearly 20 people. We are a very international team, working from different locations in Germany. I enjoy supporting people in their individual journey towards growth and success. Working with customers from different industries on a global level is what expands my horizon every day. I believe constantly learning and working on ways to improve how things are done are essential aspects of campaign management as well as being an effective leader. If you are interested in Paid Social, Media Strategies and (Female) Leadership topics, I am happy to connect.

My Mentoring Topics

  • (Female & Self) Leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Relationship building
  • Decision making
  • Motivation

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