// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Kristine Campbell

➥I am an influential, dynamic, and well-regarded product management, engineering and operations executive with extensive experience creating and communicating a strong strategy to execution path to achieve the vision and objectives in ambiguous and ever-changing environments. Additionally, I demonstrate a proven track record of success providing exceptional guidance, scaling technology innovations, and propelling the strategic direction positioning the organization as an industry leader in highly competitive landscapes.

➥My down-to-earth player-coach, leader-doer background includes founding and building an AI Strategy to Execution technology startup, spearheading efficient and effective product management best practices championing the objectives, leading to delivery of key results. I roll up my sleeves to execute on challenges and maintain an agile, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset aligned with the enterprise vision.

➥I am proficient at building powerful teams, establishing expectations, communicating vision, and monitoring performance to maximize effectiveness. I am a results-driven executive translating organizational needs into revolutionary technology solutions delivering impactful results to industry leaders such as Nike and Microsoft.

My Mentoring Topics

  • ✦ Getting a job at Microsoft
  • ✦ Women in Technology
  • ✦ Product-Led Growth
  • ✦ Technology and Engineering Innovation
  • ✦ Business & Technical Leadership
  • ✦ People Management and Team Growth (Model-Coach-Care Framework)
  • ✦ Customer-Centric Focus
  • ✦ Strategic Planning & Execution
  • ✦ Fortune 500s to Startups
  • ✦ Global Product and Engineering Management and Operations
  • ✦ Force Multiplier and Scale Accelerator
  • ✦ Financial Management and Operational Excellence
  • ✦ Strategy and Operations

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