About me

Hi all, my name is Maria, at the moment I live and work in London in Ebay.

Have been working in digital space for the past 8 years, started on the agency side, but for many years now working in-house.

My strengths lie in high-speed growth for consumer apps and mobile products in travel, marketplaces and classifieds industries. I am versatile and data-driven, like to solve complex problems together with the team for both consumer and revenue benefit.

Have a broad knowledge in different growth technics, user acquisition channels, marketing technology integration within the companies and just having fun with the code to automate your day to day tasks. I also have number of years in people management, really enjoy it. Would be glad to share my experience with startups and individuals :)

Mentoring Topics

  • Marketing,
  • Product marketing,
  • Brand,
  • Growth,
  • Marktech,
  • Analytics,
  • Personal Development,
  • Leadership