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People mention me as a charismatic person, a good listener and advisor. I see myself as a positive dreamer, trusting that we all have a positive aim, with full of energy always trying to achieve the best possible and with a strong will to succeed (on a personal or a professional level). I was really lucky in life to have had great people surrounding me, mentoring me, being great friends and I could always ask them for help, assistance or some advise. I simply want to give back and share my wisdom, out of more than 20yrs of my very successful career.

I'm 20 years in business, working in different fields, set up some very successful companies, mentored some really charismatic people and I love to work closely. My family gives me full support and a big boost to be a bit better every day.

My Mentoring Topics

  • NewWork & HybridWork
  • Leadership by Heart
  • Management
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Sales & Business Development

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