About me

Hi, I am Nakul,

I work as Head of Data Services at treefin GmbH. In my current role, I lead a team of very motivated data scientists and machine learning engineers. The team collectively focuses on almost all aspects of the data spectrum - from maintaining the fully in-house built ETL pipeline, to researching statistical approaches for solving business problems, to maintaining the business intelligence platform for internal stakeholders, to creating machine learning-based microservices for the B2B segment.

I have had a very broad software engineering career before this - from building web-based 3d applications, to working on standalone image processing applications, to packaging and deploying software to all kinds of linux distributions, to working on audio and video codecs. In addition, I have led projects across multiple engineering teams, and have also worked on setting up an engineering ladder (career progression) framework.

I was born and raised in India, and currently live in Munich, for more than 10 years, after graduating from the Technical University of Munich.

I have had some really good mentors who I turn to for advice and believe in giving back from my experiences. Be it dealing with entirely new situations or just brainstorming or discussing another viewpoint, I think mentors can add a lot of value to one's career at the appropriate time in achieving a fulfilling professional career.

I think everyone is usually in a unique situation and there are very few one-size-fits-all solutions. Hence I believe in a more collaborative mentoring process that deals with specific challenges the mentee is facing.

Looking forward to you booking a session with me.

Mentoring Topics

  • Data/Software Engineering
  • Project Management spanning multiple tech teams and business functions
  • Moving from individual contributor roles to management-based roles
  • Acquiring new skills as well as plotting career suitable to one's strengths
  • Engineering-Ladders/Career-Progression frameworks
  • Devops
  • Communication


English - English

Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin