// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Nnenna Jacob-Ogogo

I am the founder of Impactherbusiness Int'l Ltd. A platform birthed by a desire to shrink the gap in global economic gender parity by empowering and supporting the female entrepreneur and providing her access to local and global markets, opportunities and information.

But that's just my new role, I worked in the banking sector for over 19 years and provided business support and financial advice to SME's.

My roles also spanned across sales, marketing, customer service and credit risk assessment.

In my time in the industry I have helped to build and scale up micro, scale and medium businesses.

Some of my roles required my handling pilot projects.

I am also a crypto enthusiast and a proponent of blockchain technology. I also hold a master's degree in HumanResources Management and have had a bit of experience in this area.

I love research and am a very curious person, open to new concepts and learnings, I find it difficult to keep my findings to myself and love sharing ideas, and giving back as much as I can.

It would give me great joy if I could in anyway be of assistance to you.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Strategy and business development
  • Entrepreneurship

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