About me

I am based in the Greater Delhi Area, India. My biggest professional passion is to help people achieve their desired goals. My speciality lies on people management, especially coaching and advising.

The joy of helping people led me into the field of Human Resource Management and I landed my first job in 1986. After a number of years in manufacturing, I moved into hospitality.

Partnering with exceptional, inspirational leaders gave me the opportunity to learn a lot in terms of what drives their teams’ success and what enhances the organisations culture.

In my career, I am proud of the positive impact I have had on people in leadership roles. I inspired, coached and mentored others to create more, become more, and to be true to who they are and to their own unique talents.

My strong sense of compassion and commitment to helping others comes in handy when extending a helping hand to others. It is quite interesting and exciting to work in the area of people management to demonstrate ones key skills and achievement. I would love to help more people by mentoring and coaching them.

Mentoring Topics

  • Mental Health & Well Being
  • emotional intelligence
  • coaching
  • influencing
  • building trust
  • motivate and inspire


English - English

Country: India Timezone: Asia/Calcutta

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