About me

I come from a strong data background, geospatial data to be more accurate, starting my career with a focus more on operations, though always with a bias on technology (applied to solve operational problems). But for the last several years, I've transitioned towards core engineering, leading teams in developing technologies to handle big data, still with a geospatial context and ultimately aiming at operational leverage (map-making).

That journey eventually led me to gain knowledge on flow management, service-orientation and applying product-based management in deciding what to do. As well as being exposed to gradually increase the size of the team/department managed by me - from start up to stead growth year over year (currently about 40 people in total), a truly international context with distribute teams across different continents, countries, cultural background, etc.

Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership,
  • Work Management,
  • Career,
  • Team Management
Country: Belgium Timezone: Europe/Paris