About me

As communication consultant, communication trainer, and change coach my focus is on supporting companies, organizations, and teams during transformational processes and phases of change. Part of my work is developing communication strategies and activities, content planning and implementation. In addition to this I work with individuals who are facing new challenges or want to actively implement changes in their lives.

In media and communication trainings I help spokespersons prepare for speaking engagements be it a press briefing or a presentation at a conference or a townhall meeting.

In 2014 I co-founded a startup in the field of wearable electronics. Since then I support the technology company in different roles such as communication and strategy advisor.

My passion for the power of communication goes back to the early beginnings of my career. The meaning and importance of communication for the relationship between people fascinates me.

I bring 25 years of experience, as communication consultant and trainer, as coach, as tv journalist and host, and as marketing manager – mostly with managerial responsibilities and in an international context.

Mentoring Topics

  • PR,
  • communication strategy and skills,
  • change,
  • career advice,
  • startup,
  • leadership,
  • team,
  • intercultural collaboration

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