About me

"I think I have been lucky in life. I was surrounded by people who helped me identify my skills and put them to good use. I can also imagine how lost I would have been had it not been for the mentors in my life.

It gives me pure joy to give back whatever I can to society, to people around me. My most valued asset is my time, and I am willing to give it for a good cause.

I cannot give answers to your questions or solutions to your problems, no one can. What I can do is much better, work with you, to help you answer those questions and solve those problems.

I am a (mostly self made) software engineer who has worked extensively with machine learning projects and data pipelines. Recently I have also started to lead a team of 7 engineers and work with them to build some of the greatest search and recommendation systems on the internet."

Mentoring Topics

  • Software engineering
  • life coaching and self awareness
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin