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About me

Sourav Roy is an international media and strategic branding professional. Over the last 20 years, he has worked all over Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Europe. As an international journalist covering global science, technology and economy, his work has been featured by the BBC, Al Jazeera English, Channel News Asia, TRT World and The Huffington Post.

In his avatar as an external communications director, he led the communication and visibility strategies for the World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF in Singapore and for the United Nation's UNODC GSF fund in Doha, Qatar.

As a trainer, Roy has trained top editors and journalists from over 50 Asian TV newsrooms and newspapers in creating viral content on behalf of the World Association of Newspapers and separately over 30 Parliamentarians from across the world for creating people-friendly media strategies, on behalf of one of Europe's biggest think-tanks . He has also had the rare privilege of building global media visibility for two of Asia's most successful fintech CEOs, both of whom went on to lead two of the biggest technology companies in India and Singapore, respectively.

In 2019, Roy trained senior advisors and technology policymakers from Thailand's Ministry of Science and Technology on how to increase the global media visibility for Thailand's eco-friendly science and tech policies, under the aegis of the Thai Prime Minister's office.

Roy believes that some of the smartest entrepreneurs and startup founders often miss out on connecting well with the media and the public because they want to push what they want to say, while the world out there has ears for only what it wants to hear. This is where Roy helps to bridge the gap in building the media visibility for startups/founders/innovators and organizations so that their concepts/products travel across the globe.

And before you know, the global media visibility for your product or thought leadership is worth hundreds of thousands of euros and can be added to a robust pitch deck as an integral part of the 'product value' while submitting to venture capitalists or investors.

In this session, you will learn:

Time-tested strategies on how to create a successful global narrative for your product or concept and bring a dollar value to it.

How to pitch to top tech and business journalists and form a long lasting bond with them.

How to help a TV/Digital or Multimedia journalist produce a story on you and what elements are they exactly looking for?

How to explain your concept in the simplest manner to your grandma, so you know how to then also explain it to the mass media for a quick news filler.

How to network with global media and be of reliable 'information worth' for their audiences, when it comes to your domain or industry.

How to ensure that your Press Release or press invite stands out over other press releases.

And finally how to bring visibility to your thought leadership within the media without making it look that you are pushing your brand or concept too hard.

The session will be followed by free cheatsheats and presentations for all participants. Join me for a fun session to know how to 'mind hack' the global media in your support and create a successful media presence

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