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I am a needle-in-haystack finder. A people and talent warrior. A candidate-whisperer. In addition, it was not easy to get here. People focused, flexible working, disruptive, enthusiastic and in love for technology. Always motivated on building new relationships. Nowadays with the challenge of developing my leadership and strategy skills.

Daily activities:

🤝 End-to-end recruitment processes

✨ Employer branding and candidate experience

✉️ Candidate communication & expectation management

📅 General assessment & behavioral interviews

🕵🏼‍♀️ Community sourcing strategies

I am a Gamer. Do I game when I have free time? No. I make time for gaming. Is gaming my main hobby? No. I have a life style that is connected to making time to play games. Games are an important part of my personality and who I am.

"We are the new generation and we have the power of change" by Unknown.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” by Peter Drucker

"Help your self and you will feel fulfilled. Help other and you will experience true happiness." by some Buddha

Ps: If you do not find a good time for our talk, reach me via LinkedIn so we can work a possible better time for the 1:1 :)

My Mentoring Topics

  • Interviewing
  • Goal & personal development plans setting
  • Feedback
10.August 2022

Poder falar com o Fred foi super positivo, tivemos uma troca super legal relacionada a carreira com o foco em games e esports. Disposto a ajudar me contou sobre sua tragetória profissional no cenário e trouxe diversos insights valiosos para me ajudar a se aprimorar e a atingir objetivos profissionais e pessoais.

7.July 2022

Minha 2ª sessão com o Fred. Novamente ele foi capaz de tirar o melhor de mim. Me ajudou muito com o currículo e como me preparar para as entrevistas. Profissional que recomendo muito.

4.July 2022

Fred é muito bom, sempre muito conciso, objetivo e entende suas necessidades para conseguir ajudar da melhor forma. Profissional excelente.

2.July 2022

Fred was a really nice and patient listener during our session. He made sure to understand my background and key points of concern, as well as to share his relevant experience and unique perspective. His suggestions were really precious and on point for the guidance I needed.

22.June 2022

My session was amazing. I had heard about Frederico before, so my expectations for the session were already high... But he managed to exceed all my expectations and managed to lead the conversation very well!!!

He helped me organize ideas and helped me with insights into what I want for my future, and covered my knowledge of the games market and its opportunities. With his realistic view on the current gaming scene, "Fred" managed to reassure me and made me excited about the challenges I will face in my new professional life.

I have no critic for this session!!

16.June 2022

Thank you very much Frederico for sparing time to mentor me. Frederico is very open about the discussion, he make me really comfortable to start with the session. He is very natural throughout the session, he gone through my CV and helped me to identify improvement areas while discussing with me about my CV. He is really very helpful and he is having very good knowledge of CV writing and cover letter writing. He taught me few techniques so that I can answer better at the time of interview. Session was really wonderful, fruitful for me. He is very passionate about helping people and mentorship. I am looking forward for more sessions with Frederico. Thanks once again.

17.May 2022

Frederico was amazing in our session! He walked me through different frameworks to update my resume, he gave me tips on how to present myself in interviews and how to prepare myself. He shared great links that I could navigate and give me a confidence boost for my next steps.

I left the session feeling I could go for what I wanted without holding back or self-doubting myself. What a great mentor to have around. I'm already preparing for my next session with him.

24.March 2022

Our session was extremely helpful! Fred gave me a great context of the problem I was going through and was very open to any issues I was having. A great guy, couldn't recommend more!

5.March 2022

I had an interview a few days after my session with Fred and...I got the job on the spot! Our conversation was incredibly helpful and allowed me to prepare properly so I would feel less anxious and more confident. He went over my resume and cover letter and shared constructive feedback on how I could improve them. We talked about cognitive biases in the interviewing process, and I used his tips on how to use them in my favor. He also shared a framework for telling my story; ways to prepare for answering & asking questions; recommendations on how to set up the room and dress for my video call.

Overall I was impressed by how he understood which areas I needed help with and tailored the session to match it. Fred's an attentive listener and a thoughtful speaker who is genuinely interested in helping people succeed. I appreciate him taking the time to help me during a difficult and stressful time, and would highly recommend it to other people who are currently job hunting.

17.January 2022

Fred helped me to evaluate my current position from a different point of view, organize my priorities and understand what I should do next. Also, all the advice that he gave me were things that I never heard before, but I could put into practice in a short period of time and had great results. I'm really looking forward to our next session because I believe that I have still so much to learn with him.

9.September 2021

The session was better than I expected, as this is my first time going through mentoring I was afraid of not being able to ask the right questions and get value out of the session. I'm really surprised how comfortable you made me feel during the process and how your advise was not a "ready recipe" but an approach that inspired me and made me change my thinking towards my career and job hunting experience. Keep up the great work, I wish I had this conversions earlier in my career.

15.August 2021

Fred, our session was indeed really helpful. It was insightful listening to your perspective about the gaming industry, especially the differences between companies (I tended to view them more homogeneous), and now I'm taking that into account for my development plan.

The tips you shared on the presentation also were useful, and I'm working on a PDP for myself. The intrinsic motivation you mentioned is something that I think I'll take a little longer to figure out, but I'll make sure to keep in mind!

Leaving feedback from my POV, we did spend the second half of the session on the presentation, and that makes the conversation a little one-sided. Since you share the document with the mentee afterwards, spending less time on it could be a good call, especially since the conversation about the gaming industry was so interesting!

Again, thank you so much for your time! Rest assured you were able to help one more fellow out here.

13.August 2021

I had a session with Fred to discuss his perspective about hiring product managers, diversity and inclusion at work. The entire session was an energetic exchange of ideas where Fred helped me get a perspective on my challenges and gave me ample examples from his experiences. It was a great sparring session. Thanks Fred!

5.August 2021

The session was insightful.He is a resourceful person being an honest and trustworthy person who doesn’t believe in misleading other people and tries to be fair in everything. Even when things change at the last minute, he was able to adjust accordingly and assisted me as per my convenience ,Please keep inspiring us and What like about session that each experience and events we discussed has a unique approach towards the outcome

Thank you, wishing you good luck!

23.July 2021

Yes. Frederico performed an excellent mentoring.

All my questions were addressed and cleared. New subjects were raised and Fred was kind enough to provide valuable advice on them. He is very experienced and very relatable, which makes it easier to connect with.

I really do appreciate him taking the time to listen and provide feedback as now I feel more confident towards my personal goals. Can't wait to talk to him again.

21.June 2021

Absolutely! Fred is the most trustworthy and professional person that I know. He not only has the skills and craft, but also an incomparable capability to create rapport with everyone he interacts.

There is not a thing that I think that Fred need to change on his approach. Just keep on doing what you do best and connect with everyone.

2.June 2021

My session was definetely helpful. Although I knew a lot of the things Fred talked about, the conversation helped me organize and complement my knowledge about the gaming market and its opportunities. Frederico is very realistic, and made me feel comfortable and excited for the next challenges I want to face in my professional life.

Unfortunately, all difficulties and questions I had couldn't be resolved in just one session, but it was definetely worth it, because first steps were taken and this was what I expected.

I don't think I have have any critics for this session. =)

21.May 2021

The mentoring session surpassed my expectations. Fred’s extensive knowledge combined with practical experience in people disciplines provided me with several insights to solve issues for both my career and my current position.

21.May 2021

It was such a pleasure to meet Frederico and learn more about his past experience as a Rioter and all the tips he managed to include in our session. I'm positive that his advices and insights will be helpful to my growth as a professional and I'm looking forward to have another meeting sooner than later! Thank you so much for everything =)

17.May 2021

Yes, very!

You were really clear on your statements, always trying to make me think through others' perspectives - which is great. Your objective wasn't telling what I wanted to hear, but to say things to make me think about. It was also a great conversation (having one currently is rare).

30.April 2021

This was definitely the most inspiring hour I had in a very long time! I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created and felt super comfortable talking about positive and negative experiences. The way you challenged my thoughts was super encouraging and not from top to bottom at all.

I just saw now, that your super nice presentation had more slides, but I guess we both forgot a little about them because our conversation was flowing- I feel like you should definitely show them, as they also represent your passion of gaming and give a really nice structure! :-)

Thank you so much for sharing the PDP- File- I will definitely create my own plan.

Could not be any happier with 1. getting to know the mentoring club 2. meeting you and being able to call you a mentor!

28.April 2021

My session was extremely helpful!

I was really excited about this because my career moment is exactly about looking at the big picture to figure out my next step, what I love to do, and also what I don't love to do. So talking to Fred about so many different, and at the same time related, subjects was an experience of mind-opening. Really glad to have the opportunity to talk to a professional so competent!

22.April 2021

The session was enlightening. Although I sought him out because I had doubts about my resume, I ended up realizing that it is time to take a step back to move forward. You were a great listener, knowing where to lead the conversation, where to point out the next step I need to take, which paths to take, and that there is not only one way. In addition, the innumerable insights into how to achieve the goals were accurate and effective. the only problem, I believe, was that the time of 1h was "short" for the number of issues that were dealt with.

21.April 2021

I'd like to publicly thank Fre for the outstanding course of Career Development I've taken with him. I just loved it. It offered me indispensable guidance to pursue a self-evaluation about my human behaviour, and what attitudes I can have to improve my reality. It was also paramount to help me define what direction will I give to my career; picture where I want to be in the long run and plan my present actions to achieve it.

20.April 2021

With great ability and strong active listening, Fred brings a great and enthusiastic energy to the discussion. He also provides insightful information and help in a deeply way on matters related to human behavior interview mapping and career goals planning.

15.April 2021

I got more out of our session than I had hoped for. The combination of your openness, market experience and worldview make for an incredible conversation, and I'm happy I left with homework to do. Our one hour session helped broaden my horizons and set short and mid term targets for my self improvement - I can't thank you enough for your generosity and insights. GG!

11.April 2021

First of all I would like to thank you Fred for your time. I have no words to describe how immersive was our first session. Hear from you all your thoughts and insights about my needs were a greatful and helpful experience. We had some issues with internet connection, but it didn't affect the experience. Can't wait for our next session!

8.April 2021

Overall, our session was clearly structured and extremely useful. I shared my main worries regarding my work experience and he kindly introduced me some tools which I can organize my thoughts. Furthemore, he gave me a lot of advices to maximize my potencial and improve my current skills.

26.March 2021

This was my first session with Frederico and I got a lot more than I expected.

We talked about career choices, HR experiences and best practices, differences between employee experience and employer branding and a very good talk about next career steps that has been kind of blurry to me.

He gave me examples, practical behaviours, shared his personal experiences and helped me understand with those examples how much importance & time invested I should manage to give to try to fulfill my goals.

He even suggested a next conversation and different ways/exercises we can do to enlight a little bit more and help me with motivations, next goals (60-90 days planning) and timing for these new choices. I finished the conversation feeling satisfied, a lot lighter and open minded.

He's a very pleasant and reliable person, it's very clear that he has a lot of experience and knowledge to share, and it was a great experience having the opportunity to share this conversation with him.

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