The Mentoring Club

Free Mentoring for Engineering & Product Enthusiasts, Marketing & Communication Manager, Designers, People Manager, Startup Founders and Creative Minds.

We published a Blog recently! Have a look - you will find a lot of great learning resources and inspiration there in the future.

The idea behind this initiative

If nobody had ever shared with others what they learned, mankind would still be cave men. Instead we started to paint, then to write and finally to code. And here we are - an almost entirely digitized world in which information flows freely through the internet, more people than ever before have access to news, statistics, tools and social communities.

A wonderful development we fully embrace and are thankful for every day. Yet, sometimes all this is not enough because we look for someone, who understands our current situation or challenge and can help solving it. Or just asks the right questions, which bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

Where to find these people? Maybe here. We are working in product, engineering, communication, human resources and many other functions for more than 15 years. We all have seen a lot and made many mistakes from which we learnt. While we don’t assume we can help with everything, actually we are very far from thinking this, we do want to offer advise to engineers, engineering manager, product manager, comms & brand manager as well as HR specialists and founders. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t - let’s give it a try.

This is new to us as well and we will learn and optimize on the way with you.

With amazing people from companies around the world

The Mentors

Bastian Buch
Initiator of The Mentoring Club
Director Engineering, Omio

Jess Dewald
Initiator of The Mentoring Club
Director Product, Omio

Hessam Lavi
Founder & CEO, BerlinStartupJobs

Franziska Sedlak
HR Director, Uberall

Sebastian Heide-Meyer zu Erpen
VP Engineering, CrossEngage

Kirsten Patzki
Former SVP Strategy,
ProSiebenSat.1 Media

Felix Frenzel
Director Customer Service, HomeToGo

Lucie McLean
Product Director

Guido Fiolka
Established Executive Coach, Founder of

Konstanty Sliwowski
CEO, Caissa Global

Pallavi Modi
Product Owner, Flixbus

Sourav Roy
Global Communications and Branding Professional

Marie Demont
Head of Brand & Campaigns

Peter Wöhr
Startup Founder & CEO

Dragos Nedelcu
Software Engineer
Mr. Spex

Gustavo Iwanaga
Program Manager

Amin Bashi
VP Product, CareGuide

Oana Gavril
Business Growth Specialist, InFinIT Partners

Tamas Radi
Director Recruiting,

Julie Kondo
UX Design Manager,

Frederik Fleck
Serial Entrepreneur & Business Angel

Niklas Henckell
Head of Growth, Jodel

Dave Price
VP Product
Omio, Spotify, BBC

Aisha Absia
International Marketing Professional

Pavlo Voznenko
InstaMotion Retail

Rahul Jain
Principal Engineering Manager,

Fani Bahar
Senior Product Manager
VMware Pivotal Labs

Alon Ben Joseph
Owner, Ace Jewelers

Nurul Fathiyah Muen
Mentor, Performance Management Expert,

Mike Dwyer
Tech Recruiter & Practice Lead,

Kasia Dziemianko

Learning & Development Manager, Nokia

Benjamin Jones
Co-Founder Bitwala

Leslie Kivit
Talent Acquisition,

Lina Zubyté
Quality Advocate, ThoughtWorks

Lilly Dobreva
Lead Product Manager,
Carly Connected Car

Maroun Baydoun
Senior Software Engineer,
Delivery Hero

Lilia Gorbachik
Product Manager, Intermedia

Zaur Molotnikov
Digital Security Professional

Monique Zytnik
Marketing Communications

Nikolay Zlatev
Product Manager, Topalsson

Shurjil Husain
VP Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, ABB

Mustafa Ibrahim
Head of Marketing Science

Julian Mallmann
Founder, ZINC

Ishara Yusdian
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gayo Capital, Singapore

Charlotte Godley
Engineering Manager,

Denys Pavlenko
Engineering Manager,

Juhi Parekh
Product Manager,

Narjeet Soni
Product Strategist & CEO
Lean Apps

Ivan Lechev
Director & Co-Founder,
Impala Search

Giulia Penna
Head of CRM,

Mirela Mus
Senior Product Manager,

Anjo Gaul
Community Manager,
Austin Fraser

Martin Wollmann
Vice President HR,
LIDL Stiftung

Ambesh Singh
Technical Manager,

Yash Lohiya
Startup Growth Consultant

Peyman Pouryekta
CTO, Spectrm

Pankaj Garg
VP Product & Growth,

Heike Roettgers
Agile Organisational Developer,
Deutsche Bahn

Gerald Weith
Agile Product Coach / Consultant,

Prasad Gupte
Director Product Management,

Kashee Ramalingum
Head of DACH Region,
LifeX Aps

Marco Ziccardi
Engineering Manager,

Sheba George
Policy and Strategy Consultant,
SEEK Development

Manjuri Sinha
Global Head of Talent Acquisition,
OLX Group

Samar Habibi
Consumer Insights and Design Research

Clare McCartney Beer Impact Measurement & Investment,

Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza
Human Resources Champion, Arkano Software

Maj Vivek Varma
Head of City Operations, Olx Group