About me

Currently, I work as a Product Manager on Search at Google. Prior to that, I spent 4 years building and launching successful consumer products in the mobility sector at Sixt (Europe's largest vehicle rental company) and Olacabs (India's largest ridesharing company). I also experienced my fair share of failures during this period!

After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I started my career as a Business Analyst at a consulting firm. I then moved to Olacabs, where I worked on many critical projects before switching to PM. After working extensively on loyalty, growth and profitability for over 2 years, I moved on to Sixt to work on new problem statements. Most recently, I led the product vertical for Damage & Repair at Sixt where I built and scaled highly functional teams and turned around products that were struggling to launch.

Over the past 4 years, I have helped a lot of people successfully break into product management and also grow their careers as PMs. Coming from a non-coding background, I understand the hardships most non-tech people face at the start of their PM career. And having managed tech PMs in the past, I also understand the stakeholder management issues that the tech folks face. So, if there's anything you'd like to discuss or get an opinion on, go ahead and book a session. I would be very happy to help you navigate your career.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management,
  • Stakeholder Management,
  • Data Driven Decision Making,
  • Product Strategy,
  • Breaking into PM,
  • Anything Product

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