About me ✓ Aashiya is a certified mentor

Currently, I work as a Product Manager on Search at Google. Prior to that, I spent 4 years building and launching successful consumer products in the mobility sector at Sixt (Europe's largest vehicle rental company) and Olacabs (India's largest ridesharing company). I also experienced my fair share of failures during this period!

After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I started my career as a Business Analyst at a consulting firm. I then moved to Olacabs, where I worked on many critical projects before switching to PM. After working extensively on loyalty, growth and profitability for over 2 years, I moved on to Sixt to work on new problem statements. Most recently, I led the product vertical for Damage & Repair at Sixt where I built and scaled highly functional teams and turned around products that were struggling to launch.

Over the past 4 years, I have helped a lot of people successfully break into product management and also grow their careers as PMs. Coming from a non-coding background, I understand the hardships most non-tech people face at the start of their PM career. And having managed tech PMs in the past, I also understand the stakeholder management issues that the tech folks face. So, if there's anything you'd like to discuss or get an opinion on, go ahead and book a session. I would be very happy to help you navigate your career.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management,
  • Stakeholder Management,
  • Data Driven Decision Making,
  • Product Strategy,
  • Breaking into PM,
  • Anything Product
Timezone: Asia/Calcutta

Reviews for Aashiya

8.October 2021

Super helpful, candid and grateful for sacrificing your time to mock with me

4.October 2021

I found the session very helpful and encouraging. Aaishya is an excellent listener, offered sound career advice, and was very easy to speak with.

24.September 2021

Aashiya was very insightful and open to answering all sort of questions. She made sure to tailor the conversation to my circumstances so that every sharing she provided was immediately applicable and actionable.

2.September 2021

I loved talking to Aashiya about breaking into the PM vertical. She patiently heard my story and we brainstormed some ways to get past ATS/the hiring bias. We also did a quick CV walkthrough and her suggestions really helped me get an idea of how to revamp my resume to better my chances of getting recruiter callbacks.


7.August 2021

I found the session really valuable. I loved how you were candid and gave on point advice. You really helped me handle my nervousness of joining a new company as a PM. Thank you and looking forward to being in touch.

26.June 2021

Yes, it was very helpful and focused! I learned a lot and got resources to get closer to the position of Product Manager, for me it was important that can take smth practical, that I know what to do after the session

18.January 2021

CV tips, job application tips and confidence in applying to other companies that I don't have the domain knowledge of.

20.September 2020

how to negotiate my horizontal move to product better, identified next steps for making this move and understood that with my background it's feasible.