About me

I am a problem solver by training (Computer science) and found my calling in Product management and helping others by any possible means.

While working as a senior product developer who owned product success with his PO, I was itching for a customer facing role and after rigorous preparation I found my way into a a full-time product management role at Zimplistic, an IoT based Kitchen Robotics company, it came naturally to me to don the different hats of a Product Manager be it a User advocate, Business analyst or the UXR.

From there on, I have moved on to help companies launch & scale their products that involved -

• Discovering opportunities by focusing on real customer problems.

• Built real-time data pipelines powering the business intelligence to understand their customer better.

• Leading multicultural agile teams spread across multiple geographical locations

• Oversaw product roadmap, requirements, UX research, design & POC development for next generation hardware IoT powered product.

I strongly believe in building the product right rather than the right product in one go, using MVP to validate the business idea itself not just the UX of the feature. For this, he taps into his inherent inquisitiveness to ask the right questions, then assembling and iterating on the best ideas to build the product right.

I would love to help people looking to find their way into product management, accelerating their own career path, learning to work effectively with stakeholders in complex environment and how to push forward when things are falling apart & my favourite - Imposter syndrome.

Mentoring Topics

  • Transitioning into PM role
  • PM 101
  • Building delightful user experience
  • Effective communication with stakeholders
  • Effectively working with Engineers
  • Working in Hardware product management
  • Ruthless prioritization
Timezone: Asia/Singapore

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