Aditi Saluja

Aditi Saluja Certified

Sr. Data & Applied Scientist Microsoft

As a Sr. Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft with a strong leadership and innovative mindset, I am dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. I work closely with Azure business planning team to identify pricing anomalies, potential growth opportunities, and evaluate the revenue impact. My expertise in Azure pricing principles, coupled with my ability to analyze data and generate insights, allows me to identify cost-saving opportunities and revenue-generating strategies that have the potential to lead to multimillion dollar growth for the company, and also improve customer satisfaction. I am also a proactive problem solver, strategic thinker and I leverage automation and tools to streamline and optimize processes, making the team more efficient and effective. With a focus on Data Insights, Machine Learning models and model Governance, I have actively contributed to the community through speaking engagements at various conferences and panels. I have also shared my research and experience with the community by filing five patents.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Science
  • Applied Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
31.August 2023

Thank you Aditi, you really made me realize I should fortify my foundation in data science and machine learning. Thanks for the guidance.

29.August 2023

Aditi is an exceptionally patient and attentive mentor who truly excels in active listening. Her guidance has been invaluable to me, as she not only answered all of my inquiries with thoroughness but also steered me in the right direction and provided essential insights on interview preparation. She identified areas of improvement and guided me toward them has been instrumental. With her wealth of experience, I've found her guidance to be enlightening and empowering.

21.August 2023

This was a real fruitful session. Aditi listened and was very attentive throughout the entire call. I would definitely like to have more sessions to get into the data science space as she helped with more information and tools i need to reach my full potential.

13.August 2023

Had great session and got insights into my topic of discussion.