Ahmed is a senior data engineer with over twelve years of experience with data: pipeline construction, modeling, and visualization for companies like Skyscanner, SumUp, Noon, Floranow, OLX, and IBM. He possesses expert-level skills in Python and SQL. He also has hands-on experience developing infrastructure from scratch for cloud-based and on-premise solutions that scale. Ahmed transforms raw data into actionable insights that ensure products function well.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Tech
  • FinTech
  • Data Freelancing
  • Data Governance
  • Moving / Settling in UK
  • Global talent visa UK
  • Career change to Data
12.September 2023

My session with Ahmed was very insightful. I am focusing mainly on Data Science, but he gave some insight on the different profession in the Data field and how a data team really functions. This gave perspective on what skills I should focus on and how to advertise myself in my job search. He also took a look at my CV and gave me valuable improvement ideas. Also, he encouraged me to expand my skills and gave specific skills to learn, which was really useful as a beginner it's hard to decide what to focus on.

10.August 2023

Great session. Patient, thoughtful and encouraging. Ahmed gave good set of tips on next steps to focus on and opportunity to catch up again if needed.

1.July 2023

This session was very informative and inspiring! At least for now I know what to read to work towards a data engineering career.

4.June 2023

- I have found Ahmed a very patient and good listener. - With his in-depth knowledge of Data Engineering and mentoring skills he answered my queries in a pragmatic way. - I am looking forward to the next session with Ahmed. - If you feel stuck in your current Data related role or need to switch to the Data Engineering field I recommend to set up a session with Ahmed and finding a way forward.

28.May 2023

As a young master's student, I really enjoyed this session it's very insightful and helpful for me..

20.May 2023

Thank you Ahmed for your time and patiently answering my Iist of queries. Your insights about the data landscape has helped me gain the clarity I needed. As I am transitioning into this domain from a very different field I have a lot of apprehensions, queries, and confusions. Your insights have helped me wipe off some of the fog ! Eagerly looking forward to our next session.

17.May 2023

Ahmed was very helpful and a good listener during the session he gave me such advices and i love to meet him again next session

14.May 2023

The session with Ahmed was really helpful. He cleared alot of my questions and doubts. I learnt alot from the discussion and hope to continue our discussions in future.

13.May 2023

I had a great experience with my mentor, Mr. Ahmed. He provided me with more help than I anticipated, and I feel much more confident about pursuing a career in this field. I appreciate his kindness and understanding. I look forward to scheduling another session with him in the future.

8.May 2023

best mentorship session. he cleared all my doubts. he was very helpful. he gave lots of insights. He was positive. thank you so much for all the guidance and help.looking forward to a session soon:)