About me

Aida covered several roles as Customer Support Manager, continuing to Marketing Manager, Head of Customer Experience and Head of Operations.

In the last decade, Aida managed +120 direct reports, covering functions like customer support, sales, marketing, was main driver of one company level cultural transformation towards customer centricity & 3 functional teams turnarounds and coordinated +75 colleagues in project management setups.

"I learned immensely especially as a people manager and would love to be a partner in other people's journeys. Some of my transformational experiences include working with an executive coach and having great people around me as partners for thought, making me a strong believer in the power of connection with others and sharing."

Mentoring Topics

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Centricity Transformation
  • People management
  • Change management
  • Time management
  • Operational strategy (customer care, sales, back office operations)
  • Personal development & Leadership

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