Hi! I am Ainara, and education is my passion because it's the key to change. I am a scientist at heart who after 5+ years of experience working in the Ed Tech world loves building educational products that can transform science education. After my PhD and a short stay at the Science Museum in London, I joined Labster (www.labster.com - a SaaS Virtual Science Simulations company) when it was a very young start up (only 8 people). This means: 1) I'm continuously involved in shaping the company structure and culture: we implemented Holocracy as the way to structure ourselves, we implemented OKRs to set our objectives, we are still refining our metrics, etc. And 2) I've performed many roles in the company: I formally transitioned from Team Lead & Coach (I grew the Content team from 3 to +30 in 2 years), to Product Owner to Product Manager. And in between I did a mini MBA at Harvard, I got certified as Design Sprint Facilitator and I also (still) lead a $4m research project with 2 PhD students. I wonder why I feel these past few years have been crazy. :) With all of that I don't want to show off, I just want to say that I've done a lot of learning that I'd love to share. This is also a way for me to give back all the help I've had myself during that process.

My Mentoring Topics

  • People & Team Leadership (especially in a remote environment)
  • Holocracy
  • Managing change
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Energy Management (how to best use your energy to be productive&happy)
  • Strategy & OKRs
  • Design Sprints (and in general workshop facilitation)
  • Scoping value new ideas
  • Roadmap building process & collaboration with Implementation teams
29.October 2021

Ainara is so good at developing metrics! 1 of the most difficult things to create metrics around is Software Development and she helped me create a metric for my process so amazingly just be asking me such great questions! Thankyou Ainara for the session!

29.October 2021

The session was very helpful and inspiring. Ainara has a pragmatic and systematic approach. She helped me look at my projects and upcoming decisions from a different angle. Thank you Ainara!

2.September 2021

Talking with Ainara is super helpful. She’s able to break down strategy and make it easy to implement. Always valuable talking to her.

24.July 2020

interview users, focus on the need, do not feel overwhelmed

14.July 2020

Responsibilities of Engineering Manager, Product Owner and Product Manager, what makes a PO a good one and not an average

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