About me

Hi there!

I'm Aitor and since almost 6 years I have been working in startups mainly focused on growth and retention initiatives (from doing growth to product marketing while also building my own project as a member of a startup accelerator). I'm passionate about the combination of marketing, data and tech having always the customer in mind.

Currently, I'm the founder of /ltv (https://www.ltv.agency/) focused on growth and retention consultancy for startups. Also, I am working at Delivery Hero as a Senior Product Marketing Manager focused on Growth (refer a friend, landing pages, onboarding flows, etc) and Retention (loyalty program, subscriptions, multi-category, retention levers and user journey). Prior /ltv and Delivery Hero, I led and scaled the Retention team at Glovo (on-demand delivery) from 3 people to 15 as well across three continents and all processes/areas focused on retention. I've also worked at Hellofresh leading their mobile CRM/Retention strategy for their apps and at foodora managing their global email marketing and use lifecycle.

Outside startups, I am very interested in photography, thinking and planning random impossible projects and coffee (long live cold brew). If your idea/project is looking for some help in the user journey, communications, product/user retention, CRM or growth, feel free to book some time and let's chat about it!

Mentoring Topics

  • Growth (Performance marketing, deep linking, onboarding flows, brand and content)
  • Retention (CRM, lifecycle, segmentation, product retention, refer a friend, subscription models strategies)
  • Communications (channel mix, branding, frequency...)
  • Voice of Customer (NPS/Csat, app ratings, feedback loops...)
  • Team management (scalability, organisational structure, etc)
  • Product Marketing (areas of work, mission/vision, roadmap setup, etc)
  • Analytics (fundamentals of behavioural tracking, KPIs planning and mapping, how to measure retention, CAC, etc)
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

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