About me


Hope you're doing well?

I'm Alex from Munich, Germany 🇩🇪 Co-Founder, Start-Up Mentor, and Commercial Specialist (Sales/Marketing/Business Development) with 10+ years in digital Start-Ups (SaaS and marketplaces).


I would love to share some of the learnings I acquired along the way and help you avoid some of the mistakes I had to make to learn them. This includes:

- How to evaluate your business idea

- How to find product-market fit

- How to find your first paying customers

- How to hire the RIGHT first 10 employees around the founding team

- How to motivate yourself

- How to close your first funding (Business Angels & Seed)



👉 Brainstorming new business ideas 💡

👉Sustainability, healthy food, and barista coffee ☕.

👉 Traveling, well-being, and all kinds of sports like skiing, beach volleyball, yoga, and fitness 🧘‍♂️

👉 Books & podcasts about start-ups, leadership, personal development, & positive mindset 📚


I'm currently at the beginning of my second start-up after I left my previous start-up (www.strydal.com and www.classcamp.com) in March 2021.

👉 studied business administration (Master) and sports science (Bachelor) at TUM

👉 from 2014 till 2019:

- one of the first 3 employees of Eversports (www.eversports.com) and growing to 100+ employees

- head of sales

- led the European expansion

👉 from 2019-2021: CEO and Co-Founder of Strydal www.strydal.com (rebranded to www.classcamp.com)

I am looking forward to great conversations and inspiring mentoring sessions!

Mentoring Topics

  • Start-up
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales
  • Marketing & Growth
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising (Early Stage)
  • B2B SaaS
  • B2B2C models
  • SaaS
  • Marketplaces
  • Motivation
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Alexander

19.September 2021

The session with Alex was very helpful, where he took time to help me with all my questions with detailed answers and offered me a new preceptive to approach the challenges I was facing. Highly recommend Alex as a mentor!

13.September 2021

Die Session war super hilfreich. Alexander war nach 20 Minuten in der Lage sich in unsere internen Prozesse einzudenken und unmittlbar Lösungsansätze auf strategischer Ebene zu lierfern. Auch persönlich hat alles gestimmt. Danke!

24.August 2021

Very helpful. Thank you Alexander!

17.August 2021

It was a great session with you. You challenged some of my thoughts and helped me to get a better understanding of what I actually want and need in my business.

11.August 2021

Thanks for taking the time to volunteer your time and very professional knowledge about IT-Startup.

The session was amazing and I found a lot of value from it. The mentor was well qualified to advise me on how to progress in my app startup.

I really appreciate your dedication and effort. Looking forward for our next session together.

4.August 2021

Alexander, thank you for a interesting conversation! We could immediately create a very relaxed and trustworthy relationship by sharing some of our previous entrepreneurial learnings. I got lots of valuable insights, and some great guidance on the topics I wanted to discuss. I would recommend Alexander to anyone that is interested to exchange thoughts and learnings on startups, sales, entrepreneurship, fundraising and go to market strategy.

30.June 2021

good session. lncreased knowledge about sales & business dev

23.June 2021

It was a very smooth, friendly and easy discussion with Alexander. He shared his learning and gave me advice on how to set up a founding team. It helped me to redefine my criterias and how to go about the process.