About me ✓ Alexandra is a certified mentor

Hi, I am Alexandra and I have more than 12 years of experience in various companies and different people related roles. I have led several HR tech system implementations, built People Processes from the ground up and grew and scaled multiple teams.

My passion lies in HR tech, because I believe that automation of administrative and repetitive processes gives more freedom to focus on the people and human interaction. I also love designing good processes and I am an advocate for performance management, employee feedback and employee experience.

Languages: German and English

Mentoring Topics

  • HR Tech (Applicant Tracking Systems, HR Management Systems, Employee Engagement Software etc.)
  • People Operations Processes
  • Recruiting
  • Performance Management/Goal Setting/Feedback
  • Internationalization
  • Employee Experience Design

Reviews for Alexandra

17.August 2021

The session was definitely helpful. I really enjoyed the session and felt super comfortable talking about positive and negative experiences with her. She is very thoughtful and reliable person and definitely looking forward to have another session with her.

7.July 2021

Alexandra was very generous with sharing her expertise & experience. We talked about very specific Berlin Developer Tech Market issues e.g. experiences with specific agencies, how to work with agencies. The advice she shared with me, will help my team and me saving significant amount of money & time.

29.June 2021

You are simple, concrete, authentic and knowledgeable and i cannot wait to learn more from you!! 😀

10.June 2021

My session was very helpful. I loved how Alexandra brought advice through telling stories of her past experience in a very dynamic and didactic way. She not only helped me validating some ideas I had but also helped bringing up new ones for me to think about. To add Alexandra has a very welcoming energy what shows that she really cared about our talk. GGWP