About me

I am a product leader and a 4x startup co-founder with 15 years of experience identifying unmet customer problems, crafting product strategies, developing scalable & repeatable business models and leading product & engineering to build high-growth B2C SaaS products, apps & ventures.

I currently lead our product at Perzonalization, a Saas with an AI-powered real-time engine that personalizes the shopping experience of 19 million every month. I am the architect of its proprietary core technology that analyzes 82 million shopping activities every day.

I previously kicked-off the local Nokia app partner ecosystem from scratch and helped it grow to #1 in Europe and #3 globally in terms of daily app store downloads.

Prior to that, I was the co-founder and CTO of 2 smart shipping SaaS companies, with partnership with FedEx.

I am an electronics engineer by education, software engineer by training and an entrepreneur by heart.

Mentoring Topics

  • Startup Stages
  • Bootstrapping
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Innovation and Strategy
  • B2C SaaS
  • AI / Machine Learning (Recommender Systems)
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Entrepreneur Psychology
Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Ali Selim

3.July 2021

Very helpful session! There were a lot of visual examples and a lot of explanation that helped me understand the subject much easier.

2.July 2021

Yes, it was very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and giving very useful tips! I really appreciate it!

23.June 2021

It was great! Really helpful and Ali send me lots of links later. Amazing service.

19.June 2021

Extremly helpful

17.June 2021

I had my first mentoring club session 2 days ago with Ali Selim and it was an eyeopening experience. As someone who doesn't know any other entrepreneurs in his vicinity, let alone in his group of friends or at least acquaintances, talking to an experienced (serial) entrepreneur made me realize certain flaws my little 1-man "company" still has and had me and my thoughtprocess tested. Ali Selim asked great questions and gave hints as to where I might have to improve.

All in all, an invaluable experience.

16.June 2021

The session was very helpful!

14.June 2021

The session was extremely helpful. We did think about a few of the mentioned things - in theory. But, as it often is, we had too many ideas and a lack of focus. You helped us to see many things clearly - and I think, you saved us a lot of time and effort we would have had if we didn't avoid some of the mistakes upfront! Thank you so much!

18.March 2021

"1. Only pursue the democratization idea due to reasons (already works, clear unfair advantage, clear value prop, easier to create FOMO for this target group,VCs love business ""democratization business models""..)

2. Always define your key KPIs and also communicate them to your target group. If they are not motivating your target group they might not be the right KPIs

3. Ultimate proof of our business model is, if our recommenders pay to see the jobs "

11.March 2021

1. Good resources.

2. Importance of early customer feedback

3. Showing developers the bigger picture

3.March 2021

25.February 2021

What to focus on in starting a business, How startups work, right sources of information