Learning and mentoring is THE best thing that could have happened to human race. I would love to talk with anyone who wish to be in touch with me and believe in our collaboration. Session I am taking over will be purely action-driven with defined goals, fun-filled and builds strong belief and relationship. "Believing each other will take us to new heights that we would never imagine!" Engineering manager with 10 years of total experience architecting, developing, deploying and monitoring scalable backend systems in modern DevOps culture. Internationally experienced, where I successfully led & delivered numerous microservices that serves millions of people all over the world. Full-stack development is a thing of the past to me. I see more challenges lies in complex intertwined backend systems. In fact, demystifying the complexity is the most fun & challenging part. Focussing on: Teaming up with Product & Engineering heads to scale up products & services by defining tech roadmaps, making architecture decisions, planning & executing re-payment of technical debts and researching on latest technologies to assess its feasibility & necessity to the current product development. Scaling up people by mentoring, collaboration, code review, pair programming and enabling them to build world class software products using the state of the art technologies. Strongly believe in sharing knowledge as a primary responsibility to give it back to the community. so I love mentoring/training Software Engineering professionals on building production-ready software.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Tech Leadership
  • Building strong engineering culture
  • Defining Engineering KPIs, OKRs and quarterly tech roadmaps
  • Career progression in Software Engineering
  • Engineering Metrics
  • Software Engineering
  • Scalable Backend Systems
  • Microservices
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Architecture
  • Event Driven architecture
  • Agile
  • Polyglot programming
  • Product Management
21.May 2024

18.July 2023

I had a great session. he cleared all my doubts.he was super helpful and humble. he is the perfect mentor. he provided all the steps for my preparation.I am short of words to say thank you. thank you so much Ananth for all the help and guidance.looking forward to meeting you soon:)

4.January 2023

Session was really helpful with Ananth. He tried to get all the specific details about my blockers and provided valuable suggestions to move forward.

2.January 2023

The session with Ananth was very helpful. He understood my career goals and my current state and gave me genuine advice and showed me a direction on how to reach my goal. Thanks Ananth, wish you all the very best :)

27.September 2022

It was extremely helpful to learn more about backend architecture and system design.

15.September 2022

This session was to the point and very helpful to what I had expected.

8.February 2022

Yes. It was fruitful. Definitely helped me to get an overview of everything I wanted to know. Looking forward to more of these.

27.January 2022

It was a really very good session. I got to know where to keep my footsteps now and how to plan ahead of my career. I will recommend everyone to get connected with him.

27.January 2022

Hopefully, we will connect soon.

7.January 2022

It was very helpful. Ananth was so informative and shared the information in a detailed way.

1.October 2021

Overall it was a great session. Ananth listened carefully to my current situation and his inputs were really valuable. I could able to make a clear decision after the discussion with him.

20.August 2021

I really appreciate your way of conducting the mentoring session by getting to the core of what needs to be done in order to help your mentees in the very initial session. I was impressed by your patience to listen to all the queries and the quality of showing empathy, sharing your knowledge in all aspects. You are one of the best mentors I have ever met.

14.August 2021

Your session regarding microservices was very informative and it was an eye opener for a budding developer as me. The architecture was clearly explained with precise details and after the session, I was able to come up with a thought of implementation on my own. Thanks much for your initiative and effort.

21.July 2021

Had a great session with him. Got to explore various career options ahead. He is good at mentoring students like us

20.July 2021

Thank you very much for the meeting. The session was helpful and informative. we discussed approach and roadmap to have a career in software development. Hopefully we will connect soon.

3.July 2021

Very helpful. The mentorship session is planned well and the discussion is very informative

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