Hi! As a Strategic Digital Product Designer, I help companies for 18 years to create better digital experiences based on user research while also incorporating sustainable practices. This includes matching real customer needs and expectations with product and service offerings and thus reduce time and resources wasted in building solutions customers do not actually need. I co-founded Hamburgs first UX Conference UX Camp HH and enjoy sharing my experiences creating new value.

My Mentoring Topics

  • • AMA UX/Product Strategy and Design
  • • How to become a UX Designer
  • • How to be a strategic designer
  • • Sparring for Continuous Product Discovery
  • • How to sell design to business stakeholders
  • • Methods and Processes for a human centered products and services
  • • How to be a self-employed designer
  • • How to freelance
  • • How to do UX Research
  • • Portfolio Review and Sparring
  • • All things sustainability and circular business
22.February 2023

I had really resourceful session with Andreas, He was a really good listener,

gave executable insights, I enjoyed the session while going through the portfolio and prototype

I am glad that got to be a mentee of Andreas and have mentorship with him

Thank you so much, Andreas, for giving me valuable insights, spending time on mentoring me