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I am Andreas, and I am genuinely interested in People and in what they are doing and why. I have an interesting professional development where I was able to observe and learn a lot from people in different countries and situations.

I am happy to listen and help wherever I can.

I’m now at the age of 56, working as a consultant and executive coach in São Paulo, Brazil. I am German, spend my first 25 years in Cologne, than worked and lived in Spain, El Salvador, Jamaica, Mexico and Brazil. My career is in Business Administration and Finance and I worked with Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Smith&Nephew Medical Devices. My last positions were COO for Bayer Pharma Latinamerica and CFO for S&N Latam. I also opened three small businesses during the last 10 years, two have been sold and the last one – a Consulting Firm I run with my wife – is still on.

So, come on and schedule a session for us to talk about you!



My Mentoring Topics

  • Alliance Management
  • People Development
  • People Management
  • Leadership
  • Career Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • M&A
11.July 2022

By sharing his own experience, Andreas was able to bridge our respective career journeys. He brought insight & thoughtfulness to our conversation. Andreas' balanced perspectives have given me additional approaches to think about & reflect on. I appreciated his open demeanor, frankness and sincerity. Thanks again.

28.June 2022

The session was very useful and encouraging. Very useful tips on how to reach out for contacts and follow up on that.

24.June 2022

It was extremely helpful and such an insightful session! Your experience is very valuable for me and your advice is spot on. I'll continue to work on the aspects we discussed and I'd love to book a further session with you to follow up on these topics.

It is also very important from me from the cultural point of view, as a Latin person living in Germany, to get the point of view of a German person living in Latin America for so long, as cultural challenges often create misunderstandings within companies and organizations.

Overall, thank you so much and talk to you soon!