About me ✓ Anita is a certified mentor

I am Anita .....

Personally, I'm the wife to Piotr for the last 14 years, and mother to 2 Superstars: Gabriela (13) and Adam (6). Professionally, I am an International Recruiter and Career Coach.

I'm originally from Poland, but for the last 15 years, I've been living in Ireland. Over the past number of years, I had the privilege of working in different industries, globally hiring from Interns and Grads up to Executive level for companies like Microsoft, Wargaming, and HubSpot.

Although I have tried many things in my life, recruitment and career coaching is something that I love, and I believe in.

The most exciting part of my role was always to help people getting their dream jobs and seeing people growing in their career. With my experience, skills and industry knowledge, I can give you a key and help you open the door to your career, offering a pathway to the new adventure.

I've been continuously growing and educating myself, always welcoming and embracing changes in my personal and professional life. I love travelling, I have moved to different countries several times, so I have a good understanding of the challenges as an expat myself.

Everybody is stuck at some point. Especially in those difficult times and circumstances outside our control, you might feel that you don't have many options. I can help you move forward in a stable and structured way and I promise you're not going to be bored.

I can give you a key to unlock the door to your new opportunities.

Mentoring Topics

  • Starting your first job
  • Career coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • International Recruitment
Timezone: Europe/London