About me

My daily business is to support managers and teams in their cooperation so that they are motivated and achieve better results with new ideas. For this I combine proven methods with new forms of work to create an individual mix.

As a mentor, I would like to support intrapreneurs in their effectiveness by empowering them to find and use their strengths.

For many years I have been advising clients in the marketing and IT environment and accompanying the project implementation in interdisciplinary teams - also across company boundaries. I believe in good and honest customer relationships and I am committed to creating them. Therefore it's important to me bringing the right people and services together. And to provide an inspiring work environment in which new ideas can develop and grow.

As a former managing director and agile leader, I understand both perspectives: that of a manager as well as that of a team member.

Mentoring Topics

  • Intrapreneurship: How to become effective.
  • Networking: How to build and maintain relationships for mutual support.
  • Customer advisory: How to build a trusting customer relationship.
  • Teamwork: How to grow together as a team and improve performance and effectiveness.
  • Leadership: How to support self-organization of my team.
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin