About me

Many years back, a doctor gifted me with a Label; from that day, my life was different in every possible way. My family was mostly confused, and my Grandpa, who was a brilliant man, gave me a quote that would tear apart every possible label for the rest of my life. It's kind of FUN to do the IMPOSSIBLE. W. Disney Hi, I'm Anna. I enjoy dancing with disruptive ideas. I'm passionately curious and genuinely interested in technology, innovation, digital transformation, tech for good, and people.

My superpower is to be a SUPER CONNECTOR with strong foresight and design thinking abilities.

I'm the person you go to when you need a phone number or an introduction. I have a strong medical and tech background, along with years of commercial experience, which can be translated into a powerful tool for any business looking at launching new products or to investors looking to consider their next venture.

If you want to chat about new ways of getting your business the exposure to the right audience, or you are interested in meeting that ONE person that your project needs; connect with me, I've got this!

Member of the American Marketing Association.

#Innovation #IoT #Industry40 #DigitalHealth #AI #Healthcare #Blockchain #Tech #DigitalTransformation #TechforBusiness #BusinessIntelligence

Languages available: English - Spanish - Portuguese - Italian.

Mentoring Topics

  • Foresight analysis
  • Design Thinking
  • Growth Strategy
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Innovation
  • E-commerce
  • Startup Consulting
  • Funding Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy - Digital and Online
  • Media and PR
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Identity And Brand Management
  • Advertising
Country: United Arab Emirates Timezone: Asia/Dubai

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