About me

Hi, my name is Anna-Sophia and I am a Munich-based business coach and career counselor.

After several years of professional experience in marketing, cultural management and educational consulting, I have found my personal sweet spot: as a career coach and advisor, I can combine my passion to work with people on a very personal 1:1 bases with professional networking - connecting people where I feel there is a match. That’s my WHY-factor.

What I can offer to you as a mentor? Professional business and leadership coaching, career development advise and ideas on how to network...

The foundation of my work: I truly believe in the wise sentence: „Leadership starts with self-leadership“. Those who know themselves, who trust in themselves and their skills, and who work alongside their strengths, they are the ones capable of taking up responsibility, leading teams and handling tough decisions without crossing their own personal boundaries in stressful situations.

My approach: If you want to find out about your strengths and discover your personal resources, in order to unlock your full career potential, then let’s have a talk! If you want to learn how to deal with conflicts, how to overcome stress or the feeling of being overwhelmed, then let’s have a talk. If you want to enter the professional life after university and you don’t know how to start, if you want to change jobs and you wonder how, then let’s have a talk! It does not matter where you stand in your career.

I am trained as a solution-oriented coach (ICF-certified), using a method that sets free the power that is already in you, focusing on solutions rather than on problems. What is important is that you want to reflect on yourself.

My motivation: I was lucky to have had and still have mentors along my career path who give advise, who challenge my ideas, who encourage me to follow my passion or who open doors for me. Now it’s time to give back to others.

If you do not find a suitable slot on Calendly, you can contact me via: https://riedesel-coaching.de/

Mentoring Topics

  • business & leadership coaching,
  • career development,
  • self development,
  • navigating change,
  • career storytelling,
  • networking (build & maintain),
  • unlocking your career potential
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

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