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I am an Agile/Product Coach experienced working with Agile methodologies and practices, helping individuals teams and organizations in their Agile journey.

I started my first job as a software developer 16 years back. The 'Aha' moment in my career was 8 yeas back when I became an 'accidental Scrum master' for one of the teams. Since then I am on a journey with Agility . This includes bringing Agile and product management together to create best product by best teams . Being a coach I help teams and organization to reshape their workplaces by adopting collaboration-based work environments and helping them to be more customer centric

My Mentoring Topics

  • -Career transition to Scrum Master /Agile coach
  • - Expectation of role and responsibilities of an Agile coach
  • - Career path of a scrum master
  • - Agile transformation
  • - OKR
  • - Agile Coaching and mentoring

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