Brand Marketing | Creative Strategy | Female Leadership, Diversity & Team development 10+ years of global work experience across different consumer goods categories - Luxury Menswear, Lingerie, Jewellery & FMCG in Europe, US & India I tried to take a dig at introducing myself through the eyes of some of my colleages & friends, let's see if that intrigues you! Some would say I am ambitious, driven and adaptable, others would say I am friendly, engaging and positive. What all of them would agree on is that I am a great storyteller, learning and growing from all the varied experiences that I‘ve chased in life. Over my career, I have led the brand marketing and communications for several D2C first brands, connecting the brand ethos to consumers in creative, relatable and unexpected ways. Entrepreneurial by nature, I thrive in environments that are innovative and that dare to shake the status quo. Personally, I am very passionate about motivating young girls to break stereotypes and carve their own path and take joy in coaching women, grooming them up for leadership positions. From India, currently based in Munich, Germany.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Brand & Product communication
  • Creative Production
  • Creating and managing global brand campaigns
  • Leading, managing and scaling marketing teams
  • Women in the workplace
  • Expat life

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