About me

A psychologist, a drummer, and an author walk into a bar. He proceeds to mix you the best whiskey sour you've ever had, and introduces himself as Austin - your new next-level coach.

Founder of the 3V Method and creator of Fear Hacking Live, Austin is known for his fun and playful approach in creating personal transformation. His mentorship ranges from intimate workshops to international seminars, and has inspired thousands to trust themselves in pursuing their dreams.

You're a smart, hard-working dude in your 20/30's with a college degree and you've changed your industry 3 or more times trying to find "your thing." You're feeling pressure from your family and friends to settle down and JUST PICK something, but nothing feels quite right. You know that you can be good at anything you do, but you don't want to make a commitment and get good at the wrong thing.

Man, I feel you. I've BEEN there. Getting pulled in a dozen directions by people who saw my potential and put it to work for THEIR dreams because I couldn't decide what I wanted. It's super frustrating, but there's good news ahead.

I started studying the people who were making an impact in the world the way I knew I could. I tried to model them, starting my own companies, teaching everything I was learning. I traveled the world and worked for the leader in online personal development. I made less than minimum wage for more than 3 years. But I found some pretty simple patterns about what was causing the most friction in my life. Once I was aware of these patterns in my life, the answers became clear and simple.

Now, I've chosen "my thing," and it doesn't box me in as a person. Now, I can go all-in with my life because I'm not looking for someone else to give me the answer. I know what I'm good at and how to find opportunities that highlight who I am. My life is "on-purpose" and self-directed.

You're awesome, and you're doing great. I can help you, and I really want to. Let's chat.

Mentoring Topics

  • life vision,
  • personal values,
  • courage

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