Aybala Karadayilar

Aybala Karadayilar

Product Operations Lead Frontastic - a commercetools company

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It is great to meet you!

I am Aybala. I am currently working as Product Operations Lead at Frontastic - a commercetools company. I have a background in mathematics and I experienced internal audit, sales & business development, influencer marketing and ended up in product management where I found my passion. I was always fascinated by and have been into design thinking and I always liked understanding people, making their life easier and solving problems. So for me product was and still is a great place where I can blend my design thinking muscles and user centricity together with an analytical mindset.

Recently I transitioned from product & program management to product operations where I enable product teams to create the best experience possible for their users, drive impact and operate efficiently & effectively while both the product and the organisation continuously grow.

Apart from what I professionally do, I really enjoy travelling, experiencing new cultures and cuisines, cooking and walking to free up my mind.

Thanks a lot for making it till the end. Looking forward to getting to know you soon!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Product Operations
  • Design Thinking
  • Breaking into Product Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • How to Find a Product & Tech Job in Germany

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