I can teach you lessons of discipline, and how far your potential actually stretches.

My professional expertise is in growth&impact for businesses (marketing strategy for companies and drive revenue through making impact in their consumers lives), and Sales&Business Development, and Photography and motion picture.

My story is similar to Wim Hof's, losing what you couldn't imagine life about, after realizing it wasn't even what you lied it to be.

I escaped from domestic violence at 18, leaving my two siblings behind I couldn't help, throwing away my prosperous network of international assignments as a photographer, leaving a life of lies behind.

Then, with 180 dollars left, I went on to tour Europe, working in Italy and Sweden as a photographer and getting into sales when the pandemic hit high, and my business development abilities were not up to par with it.

That journey ended up with me being trained by world-class salespeople I met through Facebook, and then landing a job at Microsoft where I am driving the team performance as the most effective agent in the CEE SM&C region.

In addition I discovered that business is meant to be done to make an impact, and now to drive performances and revenue goals: caring about growing our customers while being clear about what we are trying to achieve is actually how we attain and increase our performance.

I assemble content and marketing strategy along these principles for businesses in my company, the Order of Virtue, forthe tech and fashion-luxury industry, working with specially trained people to reshape paradigms about business, technology, and ourselves worldwide.

If you are in Warsaw, I am also open to holding in person sessions or having you along as an assistant to our productions.

My Mentoring Topics

  • How to find your mission in life and as a business
  • Love in business and as a way of life
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Sales Processes
  • Personal Development
  • Career choices and getting a job
  • interpersonal skills

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