Bassma Elrafie

Bassma Elrafie Certified

Principal Product Manager - Data Management Consultant Zalando SE

Hi I'm Bassma : ) I am passionate about big data , process and requirements engineering, and product management .I have been working for the past 12 years on digital transformation and tech innovation projects. Currently as a senior data product manager / Finance data product domain lead in Zalando, I overlook the domain road map and product manage a portfolio that includes execution applications, process data models , and machine learning applications for finance, payments and supply business units. If you are looking for a sparring partner and would like to discuss tasks , frameworks and methodologies, managerial school of thought , development plan , career shifts/ cross roads, work life balance and opportunity optimisation, feel free to reach out !

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data product management
  • Product data quality
  • Process re engineering, mining & modeling
  • IT Project management
  • Stakeholders / Vendor Management
  • Women empowerment
  • Work life Balance
  • Career change / shift
  • Evaluation and implementation of 3rd party softwares
  • Process automation
  • Systems interface design
  • Functional and technical requirements management
  • RPA
  • Machine learning
1.June 2022

The session was terrific! Bassma not only has deep expertise in product management but she is also a great mentor. She shared insights from her journey and tips on how to accelerate learning and enhance my skills. I am happy I got to know Bassma!

31.January 2022

I really enjoyed my session with Bassma, she game me a lot of practical tips on how to improve my communication and handle chanllenges I am currently facing. She also shared stories from her own experience which was extremely helpful and highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

13.December 2021

Yes, it was really helpful and it was the right information I need at the right moment. I particularly appreciate the openness you bring to our session and the willingness to help. It was very compassionate.

6.December 2021

An extremely fruitful session. I get much more information for my queries and Data Platform PM's life. I also understood how cross-functional teams work together in the platform and their responsibilities to solve the big challenge.

That helps me to gain a glimpse of the career path and decide if it's right next move for me. I'd recommend Bassma to everyone who wants to get some inspiration!

8.November 2021

The session was very helpful indeed. Perhaps we could reserve more time next session :)

4.August 2021

Yes it was. I think i got a very good idea on how to approach my problem about shifting careers. Thank you

25.June 2021

Super helpful - Bassma's combined expertise in Fashion/Finance made her the perfect mentor and sparring partner. On top of that, friendly and open.