About me ✓ Beate is a certified mentor

At the age of 22, I started my career in the field of human relations and, after completing my Master's degree, went on to study for a part-time Master of Science at Steinbeis University in Berlin.

I gained insights into different corporate cultures, business models and business processes / procedures, from media companies to insurance companies and intralogistics. In all organizations, I did development work in recruiting and employer branding, using my talents to create cross-divisional collaboration. That means I connect worlds (e.g.: HR, Marketing, Corporate Communications, IT) with each other through shared visions and goals and of course with my mindset - #authentic #honest #inquisitive #creative #tomorrowthinker.

With the topic of employer branding, I have become more and more involved with the topic of corporate culture, leadership branding and lean change management. And of course through the Working-Out-Loud methodology, I try to have a shared learning experience with a group of like-minded people to achieve my personal goals. I drive strategic HR projects and in my role as a people leader I tried to introduce my team to agile working methodologies.

Last, but not least: I am 36 years old, married, working-mum part-time and fluent in English and Spanish.

Mentoring Topics

  • Assistance around career development
  • Finding suitable job description for my talents
  • Being successful as women in a strong male-dominated environment
  • Building cross-functional relationships to achieve project goals and complete tasks
  • Teaching agile work methods
  • Everything around employer branding,
  • Talent acquisition and corporate culture
  • A strong social network, nationally and internationally
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Beate

18.December 2021

Beate is very kind and caring mentor although I missed the first session she accepted to give me another mentoring session. I have been very pleased with the way that the mentoring session went she actively listened to me explaining my situation and the different options arising from it. She helped me a lot to validate my idea also offered me some resources that might help me achieve my goals.

2.December 2021

This session was very helpful and I learned a lot about agile methods, human resources and recruitment process. I also understood what can I implement in my work and how to upgrade my social networks.

26.October 2021

The session was a great one, you gave me insight into the Berlin market and useful information. I enjoyed the session a lot.

21.October 2021

Beate is amazing, her insights into how IT function works in corporations across Germany have given me a much needed perspective.

The best thing about booking a mentoring session with Beate is her empathy and how focused she is on guiding you with actionable steps for reaching your goals.

Thank you Beate!

25.September 2021

Many thanks for our great session and your insights, Beate! Your open-minded and empathetic character creates a great space for exchange and I also took away some helpful advices for my future career development. Thank you also for sharing possibilities for exchange within your network!

15.September 2021

Yes, it was very helpful

3.September 2021

Dear Beate,

Thank you again for the interesting exchange! I really enjoyed our talk! Because of your open approach of letting me pick your mind I was able to get the most out of this session. I hope we can stay in touch for some more exciting discussions! All the best :)

20.July 2021

Hello Beate, thank you so much for your guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge and overall positive and energetic attitude. It was great to have a discussion with you on my career journey, future plans and special thanks for tips on how to ace the job interviews while keeping the cultural differences in mind.

Anyone looking for guidance on how they to move ahead with their career plans or eager to understand how cultural differences could impact interview processes should definitely schedule a session with Beate.

9.July 2021

The session with Beate, was great. She is very emphatic and pragmatic. She gave me interesting suggestions to master my self career management, leverage network, and salary/benefits negociation.

8.July 2021

helpful and learnt a lot

1.July 2021

It was very helpful regarding my current job situation, work reference and motivation for job seeking.

22.June 2021

Beate thank you for this session. I really appreciate your advice, and for sure I will follow them. Thank you also for checking my CV and contact the Controlling Director at your company. It's great to connect with people like you who are giving the best in your daily activities and have a great purpose. Additionally, you've got a great attitude, always smiling and kind. I hope to meet you again very soon or as soon as I get Germany. Great session! Cheers.

21.June 2021

The session was great, nothing to add.