Hi everyone,

My name is Bella and I lead the technical operations team for a company in Berlin. Prior to this, I worked extensively in program/project management for tech fortune 500 companies in the USA.

I have done a lot of charity work over the year, including building the business strategy for the Batum foundation.

People ask me why I dedicate my time to assist others. The answer is quite simple: i have the intrinsic motivation to help others. I believe that each individual should try to aid others and leave their own positive mark in this world.

Feel free to reach out about any topics and I will make sure to confirm if I am the right the person to assist.


My Mentoring Topics

  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Career development & growth
  • Skills building
4.July 2022

I enjoyed my chat with Bella. She recommended some approach which I found very helpful. Her story is very inspiring too. I am going to change the way I approach certain things at work

3.July 2022

Bella is very organised and panctual person. She helped me to define my long term goals and I was so fortunate that she shared with me her experiences in different settings, in the USA and now in Germany. The challenges she faced at the first in Germany and how she managed to rise was a great lessson.

I thank you Bella for her friendly and cooperative mentoring skills.