Why am I a mentor: I believe it is very important to give back and help others on their way to personal excellence. Let’s grow together. About me: I’m passionate about technology and agile environments, my mission is to build competitive teams that challenge the status quo for improved products and services. I encourage risk-taking for individual growth and focus on efficiency. My background I have extensive experience in IT management across various high-profile companies, such as ProSiebenSat.1, Red Bull GmbH, and Avira GmbH. I have led teams with talented individuals to implement state-of-the-art technology and collaborative tools, always with a focus on modern solutions and infrastructural excellence. Aligned IT strategies to support broader business goals and missions. Always thinking processes end-to-end. I have experience in diverse sectors, including sports, media, fashion, production and cybersecurity. My interest: I‘m interested in AI-based technology and tools such as Microsoft and Google Products, collaborative and management tools, also customer experience solutions. I‘m also a part-time speaker

My Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership & Management,
  • Personal development and growth,
  • How to attract the right people,
  • Growth Mindset and Positive Thinking,
  • Customer Experience,
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation,
  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

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