30 years experience in international HR-Management, Intercultural Expertise. Certified Coach, English, French, Dutch and German fluent.

My Mentoring Topics

  • HR-Management,
  • Leadership,
  • Personal Development
2.July 2024

The mentoring session with Bernd was very valuable, he gave in-depth career advice, and it shows that he is very experienced with HR Management. He tried to think of solutions and gave me good guidance for possible next steps that I could take. He took the time to explain his views and share his knowledge and gave me good questions to think about for my career. I appreciate all the advice given and thank you very much!

29.June 2024

I am very grateful for the time Bernd spent speaking with me. He was very attentive and insightful during our session, providing the guidance to set me up for success. He is a very pleasant person and an approachable mentor. I cannot thank him enough for his dedication and attention to our session. Thank you Bernd.

20.June 2024

Bernd, thank you for an amazing session and some great ideas I can contemplate and some good pieces of advice that I will incorporate into my job search strategy. Also thank you for the encouragement to share my ideas and experience on LinkedIn posts.

25.April 2024

Bernd was like an HR Guru, addressing my questions one by one in a very calm & wise way. It was a fruitful session with him. Thank you so much Bernd, so glad to meet you!

8.March 2024

My mentoring experience with Bernd was incredible. He was very helpful and attentive at all times, providing me with valuable insights and answering all my questions. It was an extremely productive and enriching chat. Thank you Bernd for dedicating some of your time to me!

7.March 2024

It was an informative session. Bernd provided all the answers to my questions and boosted my confidence. It was encouraging and helpful. I am so glad I decided to have a session.

28.October 2023

Bernd ist der Beste! Er war sehr hilfreich, hatte Geduld und hat meine Frage und mein Problem sorgfältig zugehört und hat mir sehr sehr viel geholfen. Er war auch ein sehr herzlicher Mensch und gleichzeitig konnte er seine Proffesionalität zeigen. Man hat einfach ein gutes Gefühl bei ihm. Vielen lieben Dank!

5.October 2023

I had a great conversation with Bernd. He answer all my questions and explained well with concisely. I really glad to be connected with him.

17.April 2023

Bernd took the time of preparing the session before hand and gave me some good resources via email after the session. Overall, I learned a lot and I am grateful that talented people such as Bernd offer their time as mentor. Thanks for everything Bernd

6.March 2023

I enjoyed very much the session with Bernd. It was extremely helpful for me by giving a number of relevant insights as well as alternative directions. I have to point out that Bernd has an inspiring personality that enhance and raise positive energy. I am really glad met you! Kostas

29.August 2022

The session was very helpful. We were able to clearly discuss and come up with strategies to reach our target Audience. We also got good feedback on the messaging which was great. Again, thanks a lot Bernd

8.July 2021

Very insightful.

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