About me

I've spent roughly 20 years in the pre-sales technology space. I started fairly young in my early 20s as the first dedicated sales rep (AE) for a small software company. I helped build that technology firm up until 10 years in we were sold to a larger org. I spent 5 more years working with that firm continuing on with that same product line. My roles included leading that sales organization both from an AE and technical perspective, product management, marketing and beyond.

Since then, I've diversified my experience and have spent time at Pegasystems and Microsoft...mainly focusing on Solution Consulting and Technical Sales. My experience shines when I can become a expert of the product I sell ultimately delivering high amounts of value for end customers. I've done this in various industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance and others.

Mentoring Topics

  • pre-sales
  • getting a job
  • networking
  • how to get started in your career
  • technical sales
  • software
  • enterprise technology
  • management and leadership
  • how to build value
  • career development and progression


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Country: United States Timezone: America/Chicago