About me

The future of work have been been accelerated by Covid19 and we need new and flexible management models that adapt and integrates volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

This is where I think I can be useful as a mentor as I always worked remote & I always worked with teams across multiple locations in addition to the team of my site.

I have acquired a solid experience in management in complex environments. HR & finance management, program development, advocacy/lobbying and policy making came along with the job roles and responsibilities. In additional organizational design have also been more and more present as I also expanded my learning in coaching and mentoring.

My core strength is in the interdisciplinary field, crossing traditional boundaries between traditional disciplines or "our way of doing", while adapting to new needs and contexts that are continuously emerging. Change management strategy has been a constant in my job over the last 10 years, always trying to reach the last mile, often involving a horizontal thinking process challenging myself and the team around me.

Over the last year I found myself re-skilling and I am no longer a clear-cut leadership profile from the humanitarian sector but a hybrid avatar working on what is between and beyond

Mentoring Topics

  • Multicultural team
  • Leadership
  • Soft skills
  • Self-leadership
  • Organizational culture
Country: Italy Timezone: Europe/Paris