About me

Independent consultant for 40 years, today I am a sparring partners of STARTUP and CEO.

My focus has always been to achieve optimal performance through the human being with his uniqueness, motivational set, and personality.

Emotions, goals, and motives are the core of our individual and unique personality.

For your success, you must get to know and appreciate others and yourself more deeply - this is the only way you can use your resources where you have the highest fit and minimize time to success.


Each of us has what it takes to be a performer, each of us carries the gene mixes for success. It is a unique mix of motives that makes up our personality.

But a personality also needs a suitable situation, culture, and challenge to produce stable, lasting, and evolutionary success.

My strongest drives are generosity, flexibility, courage, and optimism.


Like no other, I stand for change and the irrepressible drive forwards towards results and success - be it as a strategic sparring partner, mentor, author, or keynote speaker.


"Trace your path."

I love to accompany you to identify your potential, uniqueness, energy pool, and motivational structure. This knowledge helps you make life choices consistent with your personality and allow you to develop winning strategies.

Knowing what your strengths, emotions, and goals are is an important step towards the possibility of channeling your mental habits to make choices in tune with your personality.

"Brunello is a very generous, optimistic, agile, and visionary person who really thrives with challenging tasks that require the ability to overcome barriers and enjoys leading such demanding tasks. I find his approach to challenging tasks as very stimulating and consider his empowering style to be a valuable asset."

(Odd Arne Nissestad, Operational Leadership, Equinor, Norway)

Mentoring Topics

  • Purpose | Values
  • Individuality | My inner Driver
  • Success | Motivation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Personality First
Country: Switzerland Timezone: Europe/Zurich